Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feeling better - can you tell?

Hooray for diclectin! For the past two days I have finally felt normal (in the nausea department, still really really sleepy and taking full advantage of nap time!).

So here is my scrapjack for this week (check out the challenge here: Thanks for looking!

And I went to the local scrapbook store and splurged on some goodies for this circle journal I was invited to join! So excited and the creative juices are flowing. Started working on it tonight!

And, I got my March CK yesterday - was totally getting anxious that they forgot about me this month but there it was in my mailbox waiting for me at the perfect time. So here is a quick review:

1. First thing that caught my eye was the fresh face layout on page 12. Gorgeous work Brooke Starnes. Congrats!
2. Loved the layout "these hands" (p 20) great topic! I want to lift this one for sure!
3. Not so interested in the sports column - probally need to wait until Joel is in a sport (I'm not athletic - walking and Billy blanks are about all I do and Billy Blanks is out now that I'm expecting) - I could do a page about Matt's curling or climbing adventures though ...
4. Quite enjoyed Jennifer McGuire's rubon techniques column - rub ons scare me this has me inspired (I even bought some beautiful fancy pants rub ons today I was so inspired!)
5. The Jennifer McGuire layout on p38 is beautiful (want to make sure I get some good pregnancy shots this time)
6. Not so sure I'll ever use the easy patterns column by Brenda Arnall (isn't this cheating????)
7. Loved the cherish layout on page 51 by Emily Magleby - totally gonna scraplift this one!
8. Cool idea to put white journalling strips (edges inked) on white cardstock p.52
9. LOVED that ad on p53 for Cosmo Cricket
"You know you're an artist if: you go through glue stick faster than lipstick. Other indicaters: you buy more paper than shoes, you dream about projects instead of Mr. Right, you haven't watched a soap opera in weeks. You're an artist. Admit it."
10.Like the cards Becky Higgins made on p59
11. Love love love Ali's column! It's always good! I think the biggest thing I've learned is to decrease the size of photos to 3X2 so you can have more on a page - can't wait to get photoshop and my photo printer!
12. Totally love Jamie Water's style - loved all her pages in the 10 fast and fabulous designs column - especially pages78 and 86
12. Can see why they picked CD Muckosky for the Scrapbooker of the year - like her unique style and all the details she puts on her pages.
19.Best products: yippee I have a cricut and I looooove Glue dots!
20. Journaler's workshop: liked the idea of "life lesson layouts" and toot toot to Wilna - great layout on p114
21. 4 product challenge: like the layouts on p119
22. Like the layout on 125 - great color combo!
23.Last but not least - another Jamie Water's layout p 146! Absolutely in love with this one! Scraplift here I come!

Gotta go to bed!


Lynn said...

Love this! Love the layout and all those goodies that you bought!! Hope you feel better today!!

Carla said...

Wow, beautiful scrap stuff you bought and great layout. cant wait to see the CJ!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE your review! CK is my fave scrap magazine and it always has a ton of good stuf. I actually have the March and was about to sit down with it!
Love your scrapjack! Hoping to work on mine today!!

camport said...

I bought my first pack of glue dots yesterday, thanks for the tip!

I LOVE Jamie Waters. I've already lifted 3 from the March CK!

I really dislike the Brenda Arnall column. I skip it. And that's also why I dislike their new special issue. The WHOLE THING is Brenda Arnall sketches. I just really don't like her style, but that's just me.

Ali E's column is the reason I buy CK.

Love the "This Boy" LO. Can't wait to get your CJ. I didn't splurge a whole lot. About $30. I have a LOT of stuff already that I want to put in it.

My kids are making me insane. Fighting over a blanket. Even though there are 3 right there! HA! This is gonna be you!!!


Melissa said...

I still am trying to finish that's in my work bag b/c I have been on "nap duty" this week, but I have found myself doing something else instead of reading!

I read a couple back posts and congrats on the baby and also was wondering about the "kit" thing. What is that all about?

Jude said...

Wow, you found some cute stuff! I can't wait to see what you create! I am using chipboard and book rings for mine too, it works well, and I love chipboard! :) Glad you are feeling better... I think mine is all done, that is how it was with the other two, just shut off one day like a switch... :)

jessi said...

great scrapjack kim!!! glad to hear things are going better with the naseousnous!!! haven't had a chance to pick up the new CK...sounds like its got some great stuff!!

your new goodies for your CJ look great...can't wait to see what you do with them!!!

have a great weekend!!

Rachelle said...

I always love your work, Kim. What I want to know is how you get Joel to keep his hat on. (Carter, put your hat back back on! It's cold out!)


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