Monday, March 19, 2007

Feeling wonderful!

Today I felt like a normal human being again! Yippee! So tonight I spent some time on my circle journal and I'm getting really excited about how it's turning out! Yippee! Letting it sit and swirl around in my brain some more for tomorrow (if I get some time!)

Thought I'd put up a picture of Joel and one of his favorite things to do ... play with the shredding. Oh well, as my mil says "cheap entertainment" and it only takes a second to clean it up =)


nicole said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!! I have been thinking about you and Jude and all that 'fun' stuff you go through at the beginning of a pregnancy! Also love your cards - so beautiful. So Jude mentioned she's not one to find out the sex...what's your take?

Tannis said...

I miss being preggers. Only one of my bb's was a surprise. I love the surprise but I also love being able to be prepared. We need to scrapbook. I am childless for the whole last week of the month and pretty much all this week. Call me momma

Liz Ness said...

So the shredding. Also, can't wait to see the circle journal! (OH, and I just had to tell you how much I love the card and your tag...AWESOME!)

Melissa said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better...

I love cheap toys...they are the best. Makes me wonder why i spend money on kid toys when Tanner is happy with an old cell phone and my sewing tape measure!

camport said...

Do all kids ignore toys to play with free stuff, or is it just boys?

Love the one sock look he's sporting, too!


can't wait to see the CJ

Stacy said...

i am hope your better yes we need to scrapbook i need inspiration to do it lol!!!! i have 2 kits sitting here just busting !!!

jessi said...

glad to hear you a re feeling better these days!!! and you go ahead and hibernate all you want!!! my fave excuse when I was preggers was...I'm pregnant!!!! LOL!!! love the card and rag!!! and how cute is joel???

i am with tannis...when yo feel up to scrappin let me know and we can have a girly scrap day!!!

ciao chica!!

Anonymous said...

love it....what a great way to entertain

Glad you are feeling better my dear...beautiful card...a strawberry you say....geez i miss all that stuff!!!!

Have a great day hon!

Lynn said...

glad you are starting to feel 'normal'! Those are such cute picture Love them!!!! Enjoy the next few months, loved that time!!!


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