Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful Tonight

Eric Clapton was absolutely amazing last night. As he always is. Wow!

And, it's not easy being green. So nauseated the last few days. Yuck. All I want to do is sleep - so that's where I'm headed right now. I haven't forgotten about the circle journal ... tomorrow .... my goal is to have it mailed by friday!

PS. A few answers to questions about babys: first of all we don't find out the sex - it's just me, I opened a Christmas present once and it just wasn't the same surprise on Christmas morning. I like surprises! (And besides - I don't think you need to be too ready - I have tonnes of sleepers (that would work for a girl too) and boy clothes from Joel, and if it's a girl I'm sure that the grandmas and the aunties will spoil her rotten!) And about names ... if it's a girl it'll be Olivia Renee (I've had that picked out since I was sixteen) and if it's a boy I have no idea. It doesn't necessarily have to be a four letter name but it does need to be one that can't be nicknamed tooo easily. Thinking about Eric, Paul, Benjamin, Kyle ... any suggestions?


Jude said...

Hang in there Kim... feeling better is just around the corner! I am 15 weeks now and have felt GREAT the last three weeks. Enjoy your naptime...oh, and we are like you guys too... no finding out, but we won't even tell our names! Olivia is a beautiful one! My Cj is ready to mail off to you. Hoping DH will mail it from work for me though! :)

camport said...

OH, I like Paul. That is one I actually considered for Felix.

WE're a little more abnormal though. We also considered Levi{still love that}, Otto, Titus, Oliver, Sawyer{too trendy}, Silas{too close to Simon}, and probably a million others, but I picked Felix before I was even pregnant and just couldn't take his name away from him.

Plus, Simon called him Felix all along. No matter how much grief I got, from every single person I know and didn't know...I still love his name.

Hope you get to feeling better. I had very easy pregnancies, with just one week of puking w/Felix. It turned out to be a virus, but if it had been any form of pregnancy related nastiness, he would definitely be the last baby.

I can't handle naseau. Yuck.

Happy Tuesday, Chrissy

Lynn said...

I love the name Kade!!! We were gong to name a boy that and then it came out a Shalaina so that was that! Hope you atart to feel better soon! With my second and my fourth I was so tired and sick I am not sure why I continued to torture myself but still had to have one more!!! Crazy lady! lol

nicole said...

Oh how I love the baby naming game!! I could go on and on about names I like - really! But the funniest thing about it is that for both our boys I didn't have names until the very end - I guess I should say I had names but dh and I couldn't agree. Olivia is beautiful!! My other top picks for William were Henry, Charlie, Sam, Maxwell...
hope you are feeling better soon!

jessi said...

glad you enjoyed the clapton concert!! hope you get feeling less nauseous soon!!

I love the name Olivia...absolutely beautiful!! as for boys names...if Delainey was a boy she was going to be named that name!!! I also like Eric!!! oh...and Xander. and Zachery...

have a great day!!

Ronda P. said...

So happy you had a good time at the concert. I hope you are surviving the green weeks. I remember those days...not fun. Hang in there! I will keep you in my prayers!

Tannis said...

I am with ya on that one. I hate my kids names to be nicknamed so I picked tough ones. Not sure of boys names, I wanted a girl named Ainsley Grey. I do love the name Greyson though...not biblical but you could have a biblical middle name. I hope you aren't so green soon. If you need a nap or help send me a hello


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