Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring is coming (we hope)

Joel and I took Bailey for a walk in the beautiful crisp spring weather! The snow is melting and he had lots of fun playing with the snow in the "gwass". I'm also very excited that my tulips are starting to come up!


Stacy said...

lucky you nothing of mine has come up my clematis took a major hit during that hail storm last year i will be lucky if it comes!!lol!!!

camport said...

I've always thought he looked so much older than Felix, but in that picture, with him smiling so big...he looks very much like a 19 month old.

I love happiness. And Spring. We skipped spring here in AZ, but maybe I'll get to experience a little in WA.

He's a cutie!!


Melissa said...

I love tulips. I just never really figured out when I should plant them here in Florida. Everything is just so different here.

It's spring here...feels like summer some days. I am crossing my fingers for rain. We need it.


Lynn said...

I hope its here to ! Love the pctures he is such a cutie!!!! have a great day, its supposed to be nice here so heres hoping!

nicole said...

Very cute! Don't you just love little boys in jeans (poor william pretty much lives in his) - adorable!

Brown English Muffin said...

Spring you say...but I swear I see snow in these pictures!!! LOL


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