Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inspired by Kal Barteski

Kal inspired me to go by some watercolor pencil crayons today! I've been saving my 40% off Michael's coupon for just such an occasion so off I went! Here is my second attempt at this ... (not impressed with my first attempt - so for my eyes only) Really loving how they work though - so cool that the colors run and they seem to get more vibrant (but only if I don't blot). TFL!


Lynn said...

gorgeous Kim! Might have to get me some of those! have a great day!

Kal said...

That looks WONDERFUL! Great work.

You can also go back and add more colours when the paper is dry - and then Spritz again! You can used a brush to blend out any lines you don't want.

I love what you did there!

Ronda P. said...

I think it looks fantastic. Love it all!

Melissa said...

Everyone is being inspired by these pencil crayons....maybe one day i'll jump in!

looks good!!

:) Melissa


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