Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cool Dude and the Rain

This is today's art card. Love this pic of Joel wearing his Daddy's sunglasses!

This is a layout I made so that I will remember our little conversations that we have about the rain. Thanks for looking!
(Cow picture taken by law_keven from flickr - used with permission)

Mommy: "Joel, who likes the rain?"
Joel: "Moo?"
Mommy: "Cows like the rain! Who else?"
Joel: "Neigh"
Mommy "Horses like the rain! Who else?"
Joel: "Bramms?"
Mommy "Lambs like the rain! What do lambs say?"
Joel: "Baaaaaaa!"

In other news: Matt will be home tonight! Joel and I are very excited to see him ... he's been fishing for the last 5 days.


Lynn said...

you are doing such an awesome job on these cards!!!! Wow!!!! I have to get back at mine!!

Stacy said...

gorgeous!!! and joel what a cutie!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I'm in love with that conversation....he's so smart!!!

Wow it's amazing how the relationship takes an entirely different turn once they can really speak!!

Jude said...

Love the rain converstion... too cute. And you are busting out the art cards woman! :)

Corey said...

I love that pic of Joel on the rain LO. too cute! and yes, i agree with BEM, he IS smart.

-karen (akaliz) said...

i like your little 'conversation record'. you always think you'll remember the sweet little things they say, but the net thing you know, you've forgotten. what a great idea.

jessi said...

wow, wow, wow!! it seems I start all my comments to you that way these days!! I love your art cards!!! the previous one with WC and salt is so cool!!! it's really cool to see you really braodening your creativity and getting to be witness to your journey...watching you grow as an artist!! ANd I really love the LO you did for unpubbed...the Beautiful one...it's...well...beautiful....I want to scraplift your scraplift...LOL!!

have a fabulous day!!!

Melissa said...

how do you do it? Get that creative time in everyday??

Especially with work??

nicole said...

Great projects Kim! Love all those cute things that kids say - and it is so fun that you will be able to go back and remember all of them once he is older!!
Glad to hear the hubby is coming home soon - I'm sure you need a little break too by now :)


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