Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday's Art!

Jessi - if you don't want to see ... close your eyes ... hee hee! Loved working on your circle journal ... sending it off to you Lynn tomorrow!

She decided to be brave and shine. Celebrate her light.

So looking forward to tomorrow ... the girls are coming over to scrap with me. Yippee!
Funny about Joel ... we bought him a second hand climber for the backyard with a slide and the people were kind enough to throw in a plastic carfor him to ride in and push around. Joel is in LOVE with the car. This morning his first word was CAR! We played awhile this morning and tonight (it rained all afternoon) and for the second night in a row I had to carry a very angry kid inside to have a bath and go to bed. I think he would sleep in it if he could!


Corey said...

Oh Kim! I love your CJ entry! It's beautiful. What a great picture of you! And I love the paper you used!
That is funny about Joel and the car. Jake was the exact same way at that age about anything with wheels!

nicole said...

Love the cj Kim...I really do need to start some experimenting with some of the techniques you are doing!
Had to laugh about the cozy car...we have two and now Will is at the age where he wants in on the action too -of course he can't move it he just sits in he watches the other two like a hawk and the minute they leave their cars he's sprinting across the driveway to get in...I guess I will probably be checking garage sales for another one :)

Melissa said...

I am digging that entry :)

Tanner so totally digs wheels. Anything with them. Especially those trains and cars...we take them everywhere with us :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Those are all gorgeous! Love your album!
So he likes his car huh?
Have a great night!

jessi said...

Hey Kim!!! I already saw your entry on SIS tv!! LOL!! love it!! and I love the card!!! and I had so much fun scrapping on Saturday...wish I could have stayed longer!!!

have a wonderful night!!


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