Sunday, June 03, 2007

A fun weekend ... and some creativity

The POLICE concert rocked. I went with my sisters Kara and Rhonda, my Mom and Rhonda's cool friends Andrea and Roger! It was outside at the football stadium (and only rained when we got to the LRT station to take the train to our car - thank goodness!) They were awesome. I especially liked Roxann and Every Breath you take and well ... it was good. The guy beside me sang every song - it's a good thing he had a good voice - I was impressed that he knew all the words! (Funny, it didn't bug me at all ... I just enjoyed him and Sting - and many times I sang along too!)

Here's today's art card (the foundation is my ticket =)

Matt was soo sweet to me today - I got home this morning and had brunch with his family and I was soooo tired today. (We got to my parent's house from the concert at 1:00 am and then ate bagels and talked till two am. Joel decided to get up this morning and play at 6:30 - Grandma's house is not completely childproof so I was awake and playing then too.) Back to Matt being sweet - he let me NAP all afternoon! I love you honey!

I've been hanging out on Scap in style tv's website lately and have been totally inspired to try a new scrapbooking format (6x12 instead of 12x12). This is my first attempt:


Jude said...

SO glad the concert was fun, those are probably two of my fav POlice songs too. I lvoe the new art card, and yeah, that 6x12 has been tweaking my interest lately. Mainly because I have a bunch of long skinny chipboard pieces I coud use with it!! LOL... :) Love how your LO came out too...

beth j said...

cute layout and card. so glad you had fun at the concert.

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay...that card made from the ticket is SO SO cute!!!! How creative!!!
I love the Police too. I know that was a wonderful concert!!

Linda said...

I like this size of page...seen a lot of it lately, another new trend, and I love your lo. Love your card too, awesome job. So jealous you saw Sting. Love the Police, love Every Breath You Take and Roxann and and and and and ... you lucky girl..... Beautiful day to you.

nicole said...

love the card Kim - and totally impressed with how many you are accomplishing! I can hardly keep up with one a week! Glad to hear the concert was good - so fun that you got the chance to go.

Corey said...

That is so awesome that you got to see the Police! They are seriously one of my favorites! lucky girl!!!
The art card is wonderful, love the glittery letters. And I DIG the 12x6! First of all...the LO is just awesome, but the format looks so cool. I've been seeing this a lot lately. Seems to be the new thing and I'm going to have to try it out. What kind of page protector are you putting it in?

Melissa said...

great layout!!!

I will have to make me one of those. I think I may even have an album that is 6x12 somewhere. I know I have page protectors b/c I did an entire album that way. Never thought of just doing one layout!!

I haven't been to a concert in soooo long. I think it was New Kids on the Block... :)


camport said...

Am I the only one who has never seen the new size??

LOVE it. Love the LO and the card!!


Lynn said...

Love your card, love your layout! So glad you had a fun weekend!


Stacy said...

cool cool card there girly!!!!!


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