Friday, June 01, 2007

Red Friday

I have started doing an art card everyday - just a little creativity on a playing card (not an original idea at all but one I cherish). It is so nice to put my thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas down in the form of art and in such a small way -- so I'm not messing up a big 12*12 sheet if I get it "wrong" because I guess there is no wrong. (a comment I made on Kal's blog)
Here's today's card ...

I got an email the other day asking me to wear RED on fridays in support of our military in Afganistan. They were asking for a "sea of red" across Canada so that the troops would know that we love, pray for and support them.

Off to do something with these! (I bought these yesterday with my Mother's day money):

And I'm still loving these:

Have a great day!


Jude said...

Cool idea, and I like the card... I can't seem to find time for anything these days, but an art card a day sounds great!! Your flowers are beautiful!

nicole said...

What beautiful flowers Kim!! And the the inspiration your putting out there!

Carla said...

what a wonderful idea. i admire your artistic dedication!

camport said...

Check out the muscle tee!! Joel is workin' that shirt. Love his haircut. Felix needs one bad, but I'm fighting it.

Love the cards.



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