Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New and The Route

Got some creating done today! This is my take on the One Little Word challenge for NEW!

This is my take on Corey's challenge at Unpubbed A fun little minibook about the route to Edmonton to visit my parents and sisters.

It was an interesting day ... Joel decided to climb out of his crib this afternoon instead of taking a nap (there were tears and sadness on both of our parts)... and so he is now in a big boy bed (pics in tomorrow's post). Amazingly tonight I've only had to put him back in once. We'll see how it goes. We had a really nice evening ... brought DQ icecream over to Grandma and Grandpa's for a little visit, and I picked up my awesome kit from Scrapbooker's Dream tonight too - can't wait to play with the Love Elsie that's in there! Yippee! Sleepy now ... off to bed!


nicole said...

Great mini Kim...
I hate those days when the 'regular' routine doesn't go right and everyone gets out of wack! Hope the transistion goes well for you both.

Lynn said...

Love what you have done here! Great job on the one little word challenge!

ps: got the cj its gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Love the mini album!!
i keep forgetting my camera when i go out. need to do that :)

camport said...

I love your little book. I've got all the pictures for one, but haven't sat down to do it!

Happy day to you, Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Oh those are fantastic! I have no idea what to do for the word "new"!!


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