Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What fun!

I'm home. And should be having a nap while my little man is sleeping. Oh well. What a great weekend. My sister got married (what a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception ... my favorite part was when she cried through the vows and when Bob and his brother danced to "bust a move" at the reception! Joel had such a great time too ... especially because there was a putting green at the reception - he even sunk one and Bob and Rhonda had to kiss - it was instead of clincking the glasses!) I also went to Denver and had a great time meeting Ronda, Jude, Chrissy, Karla, Amber and Vee in real life(I already know Jessi and Tannis). Shopping and eating and talking and scrapping ... my favorite was taking Amber's class, talking all night long to Chrissy (hope you made it through yesterday Chrissy) and spending time getting to really "know" all the girls! More to come ... I'm going to go take advantage of nap time now!


Jude said...

Beautful wedding shot, and yep, the weekend was great!! :) Missing you cananada gals already... LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you all to meet like that! That's really cool! There are so many sister/brother bloggers out there that I'd love to meet some day...that you did give me that added push to go for it!

Also, welcome home!

Liz Ness said...

Er...anonymous was me...something strange happened while I was posting (sorry about that)!

Melissa said...

What a great picture..I love weddings :)

Glad you had fun in Denver. :)

nicole said...

Glad to hear your entire weekend went well - what a great wedding pic :)

Corey said...

Your sister looks beautiful and so happy! Glad you had a great time this weekend!

camport said...

:) our late night chat is at the top of my fav. memory list for the weekend.

I made it through the day marvelously and hope you did too.


Karla said...

She looks GORGEOUS!!!!!! Oh man that is precious!

And girl...I miss you too! I LOVE the way you talk! Good luck on making some more good icing!


camport said...

wanted to let you know I added something to the draft for next weeks Famer.

That thing about that certain someone that we'd talked'll see it.

Seans on the good computer and the lap top won't pull up my email acct, so comment it is!


Vee said...

it was so great to meet you, even if it was short since I left the next day
you are so gorgeous and sweet! :)
your sis was a beautiful bride :)


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