Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Joel and I stayed home and hung out. We did housekeeping (only a little), we played soccer and built a track for his trains in the basement (so impressed - he dismantled mine and made his own - first time ever), he didn't have a nap (which was grouchy for him and frustrating for me), he asked me to take his picture - so I did, I made supper, he watched "The Bugs" movie (A bugs life), he went to bed early, I'm going to bed late because I watched The Practive and am blogging!

And I did this layout for my digital scrapping class! Very very cool stuff!


Hazel said...

Loving your LOs - and that photo of Joel is so cute - such a happy chappy!

jessi said...

look at you venturing brave;ly into the digi world!!! I am impressed...I can't decide if I have no desire to learn or am too lazy....LOL!!!

joel, as always, is adorable!!!!

hope your feeling well these days!!! have a fabulous thursday!!

camport said...

oh no! The digi is sucking you in...but you're really good at it!

Love the picture of Joel.


Liz Ness said...

Oooo---love, LOVE this page! PS: Welcome to the "dark" side (heh-heh)!


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