Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome to our world!

A big welcome to Charlie Ann born tonight! So excited for her beautiful parents!

Today I'm 20 weeks pregnant!

We had a fun morning (and slept all afternoon -swimming wipes me out!) Joel and I went to swimming lessons this morning and Grandma came and took some video footage and some pics! Joel is getting the hang of kicking and blowing bubbles! We had fun playing the hokey pokey today too! I got to meet one of the moms today who I found out is the wife of a Dr. that I work with. Which is cool because I remember vividly the night he told us about his son being born - who is now in our swimming class and sooo cute. It's good to get out and spend some time with Joel in a new environment and also to meet new people! (PS. I got my haircut yesterday - a little too short I think ... oh well, it grows back!)

I also got another digi layout done today! (Jessica Sprague digital elements used)

EDIT: This digi layout was designed by Jessica Sprague ... I just added the photo and journalling!


Hazel said...

Joel looks so happy and involved in the swimming pool pictures - and you look so well and happy too. It's lovely that you've met up with the Dr's wife and child. I love the digi LO.

Jude said...

swimming looks like fun!! and no, do no adjust your screen, it is actually me leaving a comment!lol. congrats on reaching the 20 week mark!

Stacy said...

really happy you are halfway there i am not feeling so well today and i am supposed to work tonight but i dont think i will make it the kids are really enjoying there swimming to i just love the thought that i get to go to everyone now

Liz Ness said...

BEAUTIFUL page! Also, you look so great--20 weeks? That's're half way there! I love the swimming photos. Also, I totally understand about the swimming wipeout. I'm so hungry when I go swimming (even if it's just for 20 min). I can't stand I eat and then sleep.

Take care, my friend, and HUGS!

Cheryl Wray said...

Pretty layout!!!

So glad that your pregnancy is still rolling around just fine. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Melissa said...

Swimming looks like fun...
YOu look great!!

Josh said...

Great Digi!
Hope the pregnacy is going great!

Have a good weekend!

Corey said...

You look great kim! Joel looks like he's having so much fun swimming! :)
Love your digi page too!

camport said...

yay for 20 weeks! Can't believe you're halfway done already.

Simon was going to be a Charlie if he'd been a girl...

Love the pics.



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