Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

We had a wonderful Christmas! There are so many pictures I don't even know where to start!

Christmas Eve Matt and I hosted dinner and festivities at our house for his family! I made ham, scalloped potatoes, cabbage roll casserole, broccoli, some amazing appetizers (cheeze dip and artichoke dip using Epicure spices!), and Christmas goodies for dessert! We started our Santa tradition with Joel ... milk and cookies set out for Santa. And kept with our regular Christmas jammies tradition (with a twist - the girls bought there own this year and Grandma sewed Joel's, Allison didn't want to leave Glen out of the tradition so he got a pair too!)

Christmas morning, we looked and Santa had come! Joel said "where's Joel's milk? Where's Joel's cookies?" I said "Santa ate them and left you a present, see Joel?" Joel's reply "Woooo". After opening Santa's present (a doctor kit - Santa knew just what Joel would want!) we got ready and drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house! Breakfast, stockings, presents, brunch and saying goodbye to Allison and Glen as they drove to St. Paul to celebrate with his family. Joel was so cute! He was perusing the stockings on his way to the toys he plays with at Grandma's house when he noticed something "Bob Builder!" He yells! And then dove right into his stocking! We got so blessed (it's ridiculous really how blessed we are!) The rest of the afternoon we lounged around with Auntie Adrienne and Grandma and Grandpa while Matt and Uncle Clarke set up Matt's new ping pong table at our house! And then was the delicious Christmas supper - turkey and all the fixings! Joel fell asleep half way though supper which gave us the opportunity to play games and hang out! We were playing a card game called Lamsie and got stuck on a rule - so we called Great Grandpa in Medicine Hat for a ruling - he said "I don't remember, you're all grown kids, make up your own rule!" We all laughed!

Boxing day we slept in and had a quiet afternoon - putting together and playing with our new toys! We had our friends over for supper - so nice and relaxing and then got ready for our trip to Edmonton!

We celebrated Christmas with my family in Edmonton on the 27th and 28th! We are soooo blessed to have two wonderful families! The drive to Edmonton was fun - we took Matt's sister Adrienne so she could spend time with Allison and Glen. Those two days were a whirlwind of fun! Walks though a winter wonderland, Christmas dinner (our tradition was fondue for a long time, now we use hot rocks - delicious and different), opening Christmas presents, playing with the boys, playing games - cards and Are you smarter than a fifth grader (Bob definitely is smarter than all of us!), playing "Ting Tong" as Joel would call it on Dad's new table (Ping Pong is big in our family - all started because of Kara and Chris!) We all felt so bad for Bob - he had a toothache and a broken toe - which we all kept accidently stepping on. It was so funny - while opening Christmas presents Kara stepped on his foot for the 3rd time stood up and said "Rhonda I'm so sorry - I keep beating up your husband" - although not funny for Bob we all laughed hysterically! My Mom won the crying gift this year - she got Rhonda to cry twice - giving her a book my Grandpa read many times and also a wire cutter from his tool box -tears were a flowing! Go Mom!

I told you there were a lot of pictures! Hope you all have a wonderful new year and a safe and fun evening!


Melissa said...

What great traditons...Tanner loved to see his cookies taken and his milk and apple gone too.

He was still wondering a couple days ago why Santa left him a playground when he hadn't asked for it...but he still was happy with it.

Love all the pictures! Happy New Year!

Corey said...

Looks like you had tons of fun Kim! I LOVE all the to see what you all are up to. And I love your Grandpa's comment "make your own rule!" too funny!
Hope you have a great New Year!!!

camport said...

Wow! You haven't had a post this long in a while! Love all the pictures!! Joel's jammies are the best! Glad you guys had a great Christmas and can't wait to see what 2008 brings you{especially that baby!!}!

Tannis said...

love the pics and I like your present as it also shows off your mommy tummy! We have to scrap soon I am not kidding here!

Stacy said...

hi great pics!!!! looks like fun was had by all!!! i would like to scrap this weekend but my mom called this morning my grandpa died early today so i have to go to lethbridge for a funeral what a way to start the new year!! anyways let me know when i s a good time for you to scrap i am thinking of a memory book for my grandpa and others that have passed on not sure how to go about it though any thoughts?

Jude said...

Looks like a fun family time! :) I lvoe the pjs too... heehee!

Brown English Muffin said...

I LOVE the pj tradition!!!


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