Friday, January 11, 2008

Knockedupedness Update

I'm 32 weeks now (8 weeks to go till we meet this little person!) I saw my Dr. today and all is well, except that the baby wants to lie sideways instead of head down ... we have a few weeks yet before this is an issue ... I'm sure this baby will flip the right way in time! I can feel where the baby's head and bum and sometimes a leg are - which is cool - and I definitly feel the kicks and stretches and little dances he or she does in my belly! My blood pressure is good and I'm gaining weight, and I'm measuring perfect so all is well.

My Dr. greeted me this way today ... "how are you two?" Love that! It's starting to get very real that there will be a baby in my arms again soon!

On to Joel ... last night and all today he's been noticing "letters"! This morning he pointed to the alarm clock and said "Mama, letters!" I corrected him and said, "No, numbers Joel". Joel, "oh". He notices letters in books and on bottles, and this afternoon he asked me to draw an "A". He couldn't reproduce it but I think he's a genious just the same (I'm allowed, I'm his Mama!)


Beth said...

you look great!

camport said...

He IS a genius{and he looks great in green}! And his mama is beautiful in her very pregnant state! I can't wait for you to experience the crazy, insane, always loud blessing that 2 children is!!


Melissa said...

You look absolutely wont' be too long!!


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