Monday, January 14, 2008

Photography - kitchen sink experiment

Today, in the ongoing photography course on 2Peas I learned about using the Shutter Priority mode: Here's my kitchen sink experiment:
1. Photo #1 Shutter Priority, ISO 100, Shutter speed 0.62500 (the slowest I could make it)

2. Photo #2 Shutter Priority, ISO 400, Shutter speed 1/80

3. Photo #3 Shutter Priority, ISO 400 1/200 (the fastest I could get it) I think I like this best - I'm all about crispness!

I was tagged by Heather

7 Random Facts about today:

1. I'm 32 (and 5 days) pregnant. Hoping that this baby decides to be in the head down (OA) position - I think it may have turned last night but I'm not sure.
2. Laundry is what I'm doing today for housework. So far 3 loads!
3. Joel can recite the alphabet H-Z (probally because of a kids show on CBC kids called Super Why)
4. I'm ready to be done going to Emergency for work (which is laughable because I haven't been there since December - I WILL call my boss today and get the ball rolling).
5. I'm really enjoying learning how my new camera works!
6. Joel is sitting on my lap coloring while I type this.
7. I really need to have a nap this afternoon ... Joel decided not to sleep well last night (after a whole week of routine and sleeping through the night grr.... tonight hopefully we get back on routine)

I tag whoever wants to do this ... and give the challenge to scrap your randomness!


Beth said...

Great examples! I will have to try this sometime this week. Thanks for reminding me to check the site. Have a great week.

nicole said...

read this tutorial today too...will have to give it a try tomorrow...thanks for the further direction and inspiration :)

Heather said...

Good getting to "know" you better, Kim! Thanks for playing -

Jude said...

oh, we are BIG fans of Super Why here too!! :) Love your list!

Corey said...

Awesome shots Kim! I'm going to have to try this one. Very cool :)

Melissa said...

LOVE the pictures..I have to read my homework this week still


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