Monday, January 07, 2008


So ... I got a Nikon D40X camera for Christmas! My husband spoils me ...!

So today I started a photography course. You can find it on 2Peas if you want to take it too (a free twelve week, work at your own pace course). Learning about aperture today ... very interesting and I feel like I already know way more about my camera tonight then I did yesterday! Yippee! I had some fun playing with my camera ... but I'm not really impressed with my results so I'll keep practicing and show you if I get a spectacular one!

I'm also working on my Hall of Fame entry so most of my layouts will be a secret this month. I have to get going ... I wish I hadn't procrastinated on this for so long ... I've only known about it since November (or was it October?).


Dana said...

Oh, Kim--I *sooo* would have liked to have been spoiled with a NikonD.

And I need that class--glad you mentioned iit. Hope all is very well with you and the fam! :)

Dana :]

Jude said...

Let me know how you like it... I would like a better camera soon... mine refuses to take clear no flash shots! (and I understand that has to do with the aperature you mentioned!LOL)

Beth said...

nicole just reminded me about this class. looking forward to it too!

congrats on the new camera!

and...yay for you and hof! have fun creating.

Stacy said...

cool i will check it out!!

Corey said...

come on! show us your pics!! I really can't wait to see :)

Anonymous said...

Agh, this is what I'm saving for. Time to spoil myself and make good on my favourite hobby. I created a scrapbook for my grandmother for Christmas & she just loved it...and I had the best time creating it!!! We'll have to talk soon...Rhonda's been keeping me up to date and I'm sooooo excited for little Joshua!!!! Love Andrea & Roger


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