Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 21

A good day. Although he's still battling some breathing issues - we may have figured it out. Joshua was started on Losec today which is a medication that is for gastric reflux. Hoping this works! He did really well in the eating department today - having a really good breast feed! Woo hoo! Joel came to visit with Grandma today. He is such a sweetie! He told me on the way home - "Joshua is so cute. He's little." And Auntie Allison told us a story of how cute he was last night:
Auntie Allison was sitting at the kitchen table and Joel sat down beside her and said "What should we talk about?"
A: "I don't know Joel, what should we talk about?"
J: "Lions"
A: "What do lions say?"


camport said...

aw. "What should we talk about?" so cute!! Glad to see everybody pulling through to help out with big J, so you can focus on baby J. He's looking so big!!


Lynn said...

That is sooooo sweet! More gorgeous pics! Have a great day Kim!

Corey said...

LOL! what a cutie!
I love your new profile pic! so cute!

Tannis said...

so funny! This year would totally be the year to have your blog published into a book! Isn't it fun when they start talking?

Melissa said...

LOVE the profile picture :) Yeah for breast feeding good and finding the breathing problem....

Stacy said...

tee hee joel is so funny and joshua is looking very big today!!! yay baby grow baby grow!!!


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