Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 33

I came home early today. I'm a tired mama. I went shopping this morning to buy some things we need to bring Joshua home with (like some newborn sleepers and onsies and bottles, and a sling). When he comes home I need to give him two bottles a day with some formula added to my breast milk to help him keep gaining. Speaking of gaining ... he's 6 pounds today. And you can see it! Such cute little cheeks! This afternoon while I was getting him ready to breast feed - changing his diaper and giving him some vitamins he choked and had an episode where he wasn't breathing well and was blue and needed a little oxygen to get his saturations up. It was a moment where I really had to trust the nurses and God with Joshua because there was nothing I could do. After his little episode, he was really tired and wasn't able to bf so I gave him a bottle instead and put him in his "funny bed" as Joel calls it to rest. I think I'm going to go have a nap ...

Matt and I are planning a wee date tonight because this will be our last opportunity before Josh comes home! Yippee! We are also getting a new vehicle so I'm sad to say I will be driving a "grocery getter" as Matt calls it (a new to us beautiful Nissan Quest minivan) and giving up my Pathfinder (too small for hauling around two boys, a dog and all the gear that comes with two boys!) We get the van on Monday!


Corey said...

6 pounds! Yeah!!! He looks so cute!
That must have been scary with his little episode today. That would have freaked me out. Good for you just trusting God and the nurses. After you bring him home, will you have any in home visits from nurses? I know sometimes they do that here for premies. I think they just come in once a week and check their weight and stuff like that. Anyways, that's great news about the new van! That will be great! How exciting to be bringing Joshua home soon!!

nicole said...

Glad to hear more good news on Joshua Kim!!
and hope you and Matt have a great date night...such a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity.
And seriously you will love having a van...I was reluctant at first too, but now I tell Jeff I will forever be a mini van driver :)

camport said...

I have a Quest and you will LOVE it! My brother calls mini vans "pimples on the butthole of society," but I still LOVE it.

Thank God Josh was okay after his blue episode! Hopefully the nurses gave you all kinds of tips on what to do should it happen again.

Have a fun date night!


beth said...

wow! glad everything is ok.

so glad you and matt get a date tonight.

happy new car, too!

Stacy said...

i prefer to call them the mommy mobile lol!! and i will check up on your guy tonight i am working nights so i will peek in on him!!

Anonymous said...

He is soooooo cute!

Linda said...

om gosh I am so happy for you. Can't believe he is finally coming that for you. enjoy your date tonight...enjoy the feeling of your baby coming home too. So very happy for you.

Cheryl Wray said...

He is SO cute!!!!!

Enjoy your night out together! And the new vehicle sounds great!

Heather said...

Wow, he's really grown in such a short time! Congrats, my friend.


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