Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Four Weeks Old

No post yesterday ... I was EXHAUSTED! I decided on Saturday night that I wanted Joshua home and the way I was going to speed it along was by going to the hospital 3 times a day and breastfeeding Joshua. Which I did for 2 days ... the 0900 feed, the 1500 feed and the 2100 feed. (The doctor's orders are for alternating breast/bottle and gavage feeds). Anyway, I dragged myself into the hospital last night to feed Joshua and got a "lecture" from one of the nurses. She said that it'll be a few more weeks and that I need to sleep and not push myself. She also told me to sleep all night tonight and not bother to pump in the middle and just rest. So that's what I did. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY want Joshua to come home ... but he's not ready so I might as well pace myself ... this is a mararthon and not a sprint. WE CAN DO THIS!

Grandma V is back for a few days! Woohoo! Matt and Joel have been playing bubble hockey and shovelling sidewalks (we had a huge dump of snow this week), and coloring and enjoying eachother.

PS. Joshua had a heart murmer which has now disappeared! AND the head ultrasound which was done last week is perfect!


Lynn said...

The nurses are right, You have to take care of you too! Rest and take it easy..... have a great day Kim! The pictures are gorgeous as always!

Anonymous said...

he's got chub :)!!!!! wahoo.
he is coming home soon . . . and in the meantime sleep is a very good thing! Love you!

Kimberly said...

Love the pics..he is so sweet. Get what rest you can now and take time for yourself. Have a super day.

beth said...

thinking about you today and hope you are happy! :)

take care of yourself...you're the best mama for joel and joshua! they need you!

camport said...

I'm glad you got that lecture!! You can't possibly be two places at once and still take care of yourself. Both boys look great! I bet Joel is having a blast with Matt.

Still praying!


Stacy said...

i peeked at him last night he looks so good and he will be home so enough and right now he needs to be there were they can take care of him best incase of anything love and hugs i will peek again tonight and stil praying!!!

Melissa said...

You need to take it easy...don't push yourself. I can't imagine what it's like to have a little one at the hospital and just wanting to take him home...but, get rest for you and him and your family.

praying for you

Linda said...

Get your rest...it will happen when the time is right. Girl, that photo of you holding your sweet baby is just the most beautiful thing. Love, hugs and prayers friend.

nicole said...

oh kim...
i totally know what you are going through! and mine were only there for 16 days...by about day 8 I wanted them home...I wanted to quit leaving the hospital without them...but remember he will be home before you know it!!! Taking time for you now will only help in the long run.
Thinking of you...Nicole

Heather said...

Your marathon is "ordered of God"... continue to feed and care for yourself for the journey! Many hugs to you, Kim.

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. Hang in there and take some time to catch your breath. He needs you for the long haul so be sure to take care. He is so beautiful.

Another preemie mommy!


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