Friday, February 01, 2008

A Good Day!

We had a good day! No breathing issues - no needing oxygen! Woo hoo! Joshua is now 4lb 11oz and he had the best feed with me yet! More celebrating! We have our office set up in the basement now (at least the computer desk and computer) My scrapbooking room and our office are now sharing a room - the scrapbooking part still has to be set up (but I don't have time for that right now anyway - sniff - I miss it!)


camport said...

oh, I'm so glad he had a good day! He's got a package going in the mail tomorrow and one more to come in the near future!


Beth said...

that full body shot is so cute!

go joshua go!

Lynn said...

so happy for you Kim! Everyday he looks so much stronger and bigger! He is so beautiful! Great pictures too!
Have a great day today!

Corey said...

Ok, so I will definitely have Pete tell me more about what he said before and send it on your way :) I know NOTHING about the Bible..well hardly. I just figured it was something everybody should know and I just didn't. LOL!!
I started a little research myself and read the first chapter of the Book of Joshua and the word "courage" was said over and over. :)
I'll do some more looking and get back to you.
Your Joshua is looking glad he's gaining weight and thriving!

Stacy said...

yay baby!!!! stil praying

Anonymous said...

HUGS! I'm so happy for your and your little guy. He sure is cute!


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