Monday, March 24, 2008


Today Joshua and I went to visit the lactation consultant! He weighs double his birth weight -- woohoo! 8lb 10oz! I'm so impressed! He's doing much better in the bf front ... which is so encouraging and he is growing well, and developing well! He's starting to be more awake in the day and really really likes his swing! Thanks for all the prayers and encouraging words! They have soooo helped!

This weekend I did a little creating ... a mixture of 3 of Ali Edward's weekend creative prompts (the butterflies - bought Martha Stewart's punch and had to try it out; the word of the year - Courage, and also just a word for this weekend ... needing this word so much this year.) I really like how it turned out, and it was fun because Joel and I worked on it together (he helped me pick the patterned paper out of my scraps)!

We had a wonderful Easter family dinner last night ... with Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie Allison and Uncle Glen, Uncle Patrick, Jill and us! We ate a delicious turkey meal (I was excited to have cabbage rolls!) Thanks to Grandma for cooking it! And Auntie Allison, Joel and I enjoyed coloring and decorating eggs! We missed you Auntie Adrienne and Uncle Clarke!

I wanted to ask that you would pray for my Mom. She had surgery yesterday. Please pray for healing for her body and peace.


Jude said...

Love the butterfly frame. You are doing so great, and that Joshua is adorable! I am so happy for his weight gain and that the BF is going well!!! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Good for him!!! He is really growing!!!!

Praying for your Mom!

And I love the "Courage" frame. Beautiful job!

Stacy said...

good to hear that he doing so wonderful!!!!and happy easter!

camport said...

The butterfly/courage art is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that teh BF is going better and he's gaining weight like a pro. He looks so handsome in his little sweater vest!

What a cutie.


Linda said...

beautiful creative the butterflies. I cannot believe how big that boy is getting, he is definitely a fighter. Praying for your mom...hugs.

Brown English Muffin said...

I am in love with that first picture of Joshua...he looks so tiny ahhh.

I also like the spelling of his name Joshua the guy on Big Brother 8 has an "h" at the end of his name and it always bothers me.

Melissa said...

LOVE your combo art :) And I am so happy that Joshua is doing so good!

nicole said...

great stuff Kim!
Really love that collage - great job to you and Joel :)

esther said...

Your courage picture is sucha beautiful reminder, and even more special that your son was involved! And how cute is he in the sling! They are fab aren't they!


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