Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank you!

It was a great mail week for me! I got my snapfish picture order from February (about 370 photos ... I go a little crazy), I got my circle journal back and a sweet little present from Jude, and a scrapbook for Joshua from some of my wonderful scrappy friends - you know who you are! Thanks Chrissy for this! I love you guys!


Cheryl Wray said...

Woo Hoo!!! Now you've got A LOT of pics to scrap!!!

camport said...

hooray! So glad it made it to you in one piece. I'm glad you like it, there are a lot of people who love you and little baby J.


Corey said...

Hi Kim!
You should be getting something to add to that very soon :)
Ond wow 300+ pics!?

Melissa said...

What a great mail day...Glad you LOVE the album :)

Stacy said...

hey i think tannis, jessi and i have some stuff to add to that let me know

Jude said...

Glad it finally arrived!!!


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