Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Creativity

Right now Josh is sleeping in his sling attached to me (such a cozy way to hold him and still have my hands free to do stuff), Joel is sleeping on the couch (he was watching Cars ... hopefully he'll sleep tonight - this usually means a late evening), and Matt is working in the garage! So good to have my little family all at home (we miss you Grandma - she went home this afternoon).

This weekend I worked on a couple of creative things. First is my layout for One Little Word's challenge for TIME. A good word. But a difficult layout for me to make ... I started it about 4 times and then erased everything and started again! This is a lift of Emily and Charlotte's layouts on the LIFT ME UP challenge by the amazing Karla Dudley.

I also worked on a little project which turned out to be a joint venture between Matt, Joel, Grandma and Me! Inspired by Ali Edward's butterflys ... here is our stars (to be hung in Joel's room).

And just for Auntie Adie ... some more pics .... (we love you Auntie!)


Corey said...

aww! Joshua is getting so big! I love the Time's beautiful! And the star hanging..I've been wanting to do something like this in Megans room for a while now. I'm going to have to do it! :) Your stars are so cute!
Glad you're getting a bit of 'alone time'!

nicole said...

love those last two pics Kim...Joel looks like a great big brother :)
great creative stuff too...always so inspired by your work!

beth said...

what a great post.
good creating time.
so cool you did the stars with joel.
yay for more photos.

Stacy said...

look at you !!! wow!! so glad your happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Now those are skinny jeans girl ;)

Everyone is looking good- glad for your new "normal"!
Love ya,

Linda said...

love the scrappies, beautiful job, and I cannot believe how big that baby is getting. He looks so beautiful and healthy. Way to go.

camport said...

love the pics! Josh has gotten so big!! And YOU look fabulous!


Adie White said...

YEA!!! Thank You!! I Love you all SO much and can't wait to get home and see everyone. Joel is a giant by the way. Tell those boys I love them SO much.

Ronda P. said...

so sweet.....can't believe Joshua is getting so big...I love the way your layout turn out as well as the mobile!

Melissa said...

I love that layout!!!
And Joshua is getting so big!! Wow.
The stars are a great idea for the room too !

Gillian :O) said...

no way! Joshua can't be that big already!!!!
Oh Kim he is just soooooo Beautiful! such a sweet and wonderful little treasure is he xxx

Jude said...

Creating, being a mama, and still blogging... you are amazing!!! :)


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