Monday, April 28, 2008

It's a Happy Day!

We had the most wonderful day today ... and nothing really out of the ordinary happened. Except that the sun was shining and the snowmen were melting and I was wearing short sleeves and no coat outside (which is amazing because I'm usually always cold). Joel and Josh and I did our second shopping trip ever and it went off without a hitch (whatever that means) without crying or temper tantrums and we got everything we needed! We also spent some time at the park and Joel had fun in his sandbox! I love LOVE LOVE spring!

Saturday we built snowmen ... inspired by our Aussie neighbours (they built 6 we built 2):

This is them melting on Sunday afternoon:

Sunday night (after we had a lovely visit with Grandma and Grandpa W and Auntie Allison and Uncle Glen):

This morning (and now at 9pm they are gone):

And Joel in his sandbox this afternoon, he said "Do you want to see my sand?" and lifted up his shovel and said "cheese"! So cute and so funny! I love this boy!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the book Sadie and the Snowman. Very wonderful to have spring - and it's here to stay right :)

Luke asked today if we could go to baby Josh's house. I am sure he just forgot Joel's name - but obviously they had fun Friday and so did I. Glad shopping went better. Hope to see you again soon. Terri

camport said...

he's so cute!! Love the snowmen, but glad they're gone, for your sake.

Happy Spring!!

beth said...

love the snowmen.
so happy you had a great day with the boys.

Stacy said...

hey we got no snow at all either the kids have successfully po'd the neighbours they thru a snowball at the side of there house on sunday and now they are just glaring at us hubby never told me about till yesterday afternoon i am making them write a letter of apology and they are to take it over today i am hoping this smooths things over kids i tell ya but i guess the guy swore at them so whatever i will nice but let him know that its not acceptable to do that other then that not much else going on just unpacking figuring out where things go and such will call you this week

Corey said...

the snowmen are so cute! Glad they're gone though! No more snow!

nicole said...

love the progression of the snowmen melting away...always good when it happens quicky too - especially this time of year.
So glad to hear your weather is warming up...looking forward to spring and summer after a long winter inside!

Louise said...

Hey, you have Aussie neighbours, where are the from??

LOL From your stiky nose SIS mate, Lou :)x


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