Monday, April 07, 2008

Saturday morning we woke up to SNOW! blech! Joel was sad "the snow came back, now we can't put up my slide". He's quite excited about putting up the slide and getting outside again.

Today, we (Joel, Josh and me) went and ran two errands. I am not doing that again for awhile. This having 2 children thing is a good thing ... but man, how do you do errands with two? Joshua was well fed and ready to go (or so I thought) but managed to scream through the trip to the shoe store for Joel (who is wearing size 9 shoes ... wow the kid has big feet ... I guess that he's starting at the bottom and growing up!) and then screamed all the way to the grocery store where I proceeded to mail some packages. Thankfully it was not the nightmarish lines that Jude and Chrissy so hilariously write about, but with one screaming baby and a toddler running around it wasn't much fun either. WHY does every woman in the store have to come and talk to you while your baby is crying? GRRRR! Oh well, as my wonderful friend Krista said, they all got home in one piece and so it was a success (thanks for letting me vent my friend!)

My latest layouts ... lifts of Jude and Chrissy!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff as always. The puppy picture just brings me back to Sally. I was fond of her ... at a distance. But that was my fault, not hers but you know that.

For what it's worth on the shopping endevor - 2 words: double stroller. I would still use it if I could push the darn things with my little men in it. That would be pushing 100 lbs now. I just plop em in the shopping cart now - at least at Costco.
Now look at me going on. Must be like on of the mamas coming to talk to you when your baby is crying.

Anyway, we missed you today - Jen Joudrey and I did. We were reminising about the days when we all hung out. Anyway, we'll chat soon.

camport said...

Oh man, I had forgotten those newborn/toddler errands. I have no advice. I really don't.

I suppose you just have to grin and bear{bare?} it and refuse to make eye contact with anyone else who happens to be within hearing range of you and kids.

OR just leave the kiddos with Daddy. If he's unwilling, pretend your running to the mailbox "real quick" and pray that he doesn't hear the tire squeal as you gun it out of the driveway.

Oh, I see terri's suggestion...yes a double stroller is an absolute must. I just saw an awesome Eddie Bauer one at a consignment shop here for $80! That sucker was over $200 when Felix was first born. E-bay it or yard sale it!

If nothing else, know that there are others out there who totally understand!

Jude said...

Getting out the door is a pain, but it does get easier...epsecially when Joshua can go in a baby bjourn or other carrier... that car seat is just a pain to haul around! Glad you survived the cananada PO..LOL. And thanks for the lift...that makes my day! ;) Hope the snow is gone soon!!

Stacy said...

hey when i get to town you can just drop them off and do your errands lol then i get baby cuddle time lol!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE those layouts. The colors on the second one are Perfect!!!!

Can't believe you got snow again!! We finally feel like Spring here!! (yay!)

Lynn said...

This is so sweet! I am sure you weren't thinking that yesterday but before long those days are all gone! Gorgeous layouts as always! Enjoy your day Kim!


Linda said...

Oh man, I am so lucky, I never had to go through that with my kids. The screaming thing. When we went places, God must have known I couldn't have handled it cuz they were good. I totally love your los and the gorgeous pics of the boys.

Kimberly said...

Love your layouts. They are so good!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous LOs. As for the shopping trip, I don't envy you, but sounds as if you coped so well. My mum tells the story of one day when she had me out and I was screaming and dad worked in a local shop. Not knowing it was me, he heard the child screaming and said to one of his colleagues 'if that child were mine ....' and in walked mum with me!

Kim said...

LOL! Our "baby" is almost two and I still don't venture out with both of them that much! It's just chaos, especially when the little one is determined to get into anything and everything! And he was a screamer too...wouldn't go in the car seat, stroller, nothing! After being used to getting out almost every day with my calmer oldest son it was quite a change of pace when the baby came along. But now...I've just gotten used to the hermit lifestyle and only leave the house when I'm alone! hee hee OK, sometimes I take them out together...I just might embark on such an adventure today! Have no fear, it will get easier! (I think...) **Hugs**


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