Friday, June 06, 2008

Garden report ... and toot toot!

Something is growing in my garden! I think it's a sunflower ... but it might be a weed. We'll just wait and see! Everyday Joel and I go outside and check the garden, give it a drink and talk about how the seeds are growing even though we can't see them!

Today is friday! My first guest designer layout is up on Lotus Paperie! Go check out Vanessa's beautiful kit and all the layouts from the other designers! They are stunning!

And this week's friday gratitude:
1. For my life. It's wonderful. I have all that I need ... and most of my wants! God has been good to me!

2. So thankful for my wonderful husband Matt. One thing I love about him is that I can say once that I need or want something ... and very soon that will be in my possession. For example ... I said I wanted a plastic water bottle one time and what did I get for mother's day ... a plastic water bottle (I know that sounds a little silly but to me it was so sweet ... he was listening) Thanks Matt!

3. So thankful for Joel. Lately he'll come up and give me a hug and a kiss and say ..."I do love you Mommy". He's such a great kid. Loving watching him grow and mature. He has so many words these days and says the funniest things.

4. So thankful for Joshua. That he's here. That he's perfect. That he's starting to interact with us! It's so fun to talk to him and have him smile and coo and watch his face light up.

5. For yesterday ... Matt spent the whole day hanging out with us! We went for a walk at Heritage ranch - it was so beautiful and relaxing! We were amazed that Joel walked the whole way!

6. For our visit this week with Grandpa and Grandma! My favorite memory is when Joel and Great grandpa were playing "mini sticks" hockey and Joel said "Let's drop our sticks and have a hockey fight!". LOL


Anonymous said...

"Let's have a hockey fight!" ROFLOL! Love it! I can't believe how beautiful and big your little ones are getting -- they sure grow up fast! (Also, you look great, girlfriend. What's your secret?)

=) Have a great weekend, my friend!

camport said...

Joel is too cute! And Josh is so chubby!! Love your list and love that you're thankful for the small stuff and the big stuff, as we all should be{talking to myself here}.


Melissa said...

What a wonderful bunch of blessings...and things that make you smile.

Can't wait to see your garden full of sunflowers!

Jude said...

Congrats on the LP gig!! SO cool! Love all the thankfulness and the photos...cannot believe how big that Joshua is!

Karla Dudley said...

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh HE IS A DOLL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Kim...girl I am so glad you all are doing well. And yes...that was sweet of him. I almost cried listening to that story.

...Ok....back to the little guy. HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and congratulations on LP!!!! You go girl!!!!!!


Lynn said...

Great pics Kim! won't be long and your kids will be all grown up like mine! Enjoy these days! Congrats on being guest designer! Great layout too!

Louise said...

Kim you have the most gorgeous family! :)

Lou x


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