Monday, July 21, 2008


So, last week we took our '86 Rustler trailer and the truck and headed for the hills! We had such a wonderful time camping at the Crimson Lake Provincial park campground! I LOVE CAMPING! Some of my favorite moments were:
1. Spending time with the friends that came with ... especially the long chat we had during the monsoon .... it poured on us ... lightning, thunder, cats and dogs (Josh, Cara and I were dry and hoping the Daddys and the boys were okay at the park - they came back soaking wet and smiling!)
2. The walk our little family went on to the lake ... just a relaxing walk to the beach - watching Joel run and play with the sand and explore.
3. Our steak supper ... YUMMY!
4. Sitting around the fire talking with our friends and the neighbours (we met them at the campground and all the kids played together).
5. Taking 200 pictures in 3 days ... what fun to make memories and record them! Now I just have to start scrapping them ... I think I mini is coming!


camport said...

:) Your pics make me miss my RV! I miss camping for fun, it's been forever!!

That pic of your dog is awesome and seeing that pic of you and baby J makes me think you've taken perfectly to this two kid thing. That's awesome that your not just out and about with 2, but CAMPING with 2! You rock!

Corey said...

looks like SO much fun! I want to go camping really bad!! My mom used to have a trailer exactly like that (she has a bigger one now) but aren't they just perfect? Makes camping with kids a little more enjoyable, I think :)
You're pictures look great! Are those all with the new lens?

Melissa said...

sounds like fun!
Can't wait to see some of the stuff you create with all 200 of those pictures!


Jude said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! It is funny to see you all in sweatshirts... the heat has returned here for sure!

nicole said...

how fun kim!!
love all the pics - and am actually quite envious that you all got to go camping...
I keep saying we need to wait until william is a little older..I guess you disprove that theory :)


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