Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Gratitude

So thankful for:
1. Being a Canadian! We celebrated Canada's 141st birthday on tuesday (the extent of the White family celebration was to put Joel's red Canada shirt on and watch the festivities in Ottawa on tv. We had a lovely relaxing day). So thankful for all the blessings we have living in this country. Blessings like ... a beautiful place to live, freedom to go to church and love God openly, the right to vote, grocery stores, roads to drive on ....
2. Joshua ... he's growing so fast! He's now wearing 6 month clothes (just skipped right over all my 3 month clothes). He can move a little (pushes himself around with his feet on his back, he's much more interested in our world and especially his hands, he can roll from his front to his back and very soon will be rolling back to front too! My happy baby boy!)

3. Joel ... he's such a sweetie! The other day he yells at me from the basement ..."Mommy" "Yes Joel?" I yell down the stairs. "I LOVE You!" it melts my heart! He calls me his "cowgirl" (Bailey our dog is "Bailey the horsie" and he's a "cowboy"). Love this boy!
4. My husband ... love this man so much!
5. Family get togethers! Auntie Allison is in town, so we have taken this opportunity to hang out with her and Grandma and Grandpa lots!

6. Time with friends ... we saw Wall -E on thursday (hooray for cool movie theatres and our friends) and this afternoon we plan to hang out (hooray for sandboxes and cool drinks!)
7. My garden and flower pots are growing!

8. My Mom and Dad are moving this weekend ... so glad they have found a house that will be perfect for them!
9. Scrapbooking (of course!)
10. Conversations ... got to talk to Patricia and Melissa this week! So good to make connections!
11. Mail! Got some books and a really awesome package of scrapbook goodies! Thanks!

My layout for this week in my Jessica Sprague Course (design by JS):

My layout for Unpubbed:

My layout for SALT:

For challenges at Memorable Seasons:


Jude said...

Such Beautiful LOS Kim!!!!!!

Melissa said...

love the jammies layout :)

Glad I got to chat with you too...such fun!

And, wonderful list again!

Michele said...

The LO's are fantastic! And a great list of gratitudes. :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Those layouts are just FANTASTIC!!!!!

And what a great list!!!!

Hazel said...

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts, photos and LOs - all fabulous! And your two little ones are so scrummy, bless them!

Ronda P. said...

Love your grateful lists...

Love the layouts....

Love you...

Got your package today, it made me cry and feel loved. I am so thankful HE brought you into my life friend.

nicole said...

wow kim you have been busy!!
great creative stuff...and as always love reading your gratitude list - always makes me think of mine too!
AND hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Kim!!! Love you. ter

Teresa said...

wow! amazing love your scrappin!

Louise said...

Sheeesh girl your LO's are wonderful!!!!

PS Sorry I missed your Birthday, sending you a belated WISH!

Lou :)


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