Friday, August 08, 2008

Going to the zoo ...

We are off to the zoo this morning ... making more memories! Just thought I'd post some gratitude!
1. Auntie Allison and Uncle Glen got married on Sunday! So thankful for a beautiful weekend full of fun and laughter and love! Hope you two are having a great honeymoon! (And yes, that is me with STRAIGHT hair!)

2. Joshua is 16 pounds 1 oz as of tuesday. WOW! He is growing so fast! He is so aware of his world, loves looking at his hands, and is starting to move (if I lay him on a blanket on the floor he can roll around and scoot himself off the blanket!)We started feeding him pablum this week ... he loves it!
3. My garden is growing ... we had beans from the garden for supper!

4. My Mom is here visiting us ... so nice to have her here!
5. We had a safe and fun camping trip last week with Matt's Uncle and Aunt and their three boys! (We had an opportunity to go rock climbing which is Matt's favorite thing to do ever!)

6. So thankful for family ... the wedding weekend reminded me just how wonderful the famiies I belong to are!
7. Thankful to be taking another Jessica Sprague course ... learning so much about digi scrapbooking! (the design of this layout is completely Jessica Sprague ... just my photos and story!)


Corey said...

hi Kim!
You have been one busy lady this summer! Glad you are enjoying it :) Joshua looks SO big! wow, he really is growing! How did Joel like rock climbing? That looks like fun :)
P.S. Your hair looks beautiful straight! You are one hot momma! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I love the curls, but the sleek look is so elegant on you :)

camport said...

STRAIGHT hair??? How hard is it for you to pull it straight? I know there are varying degrees of curliness. My sisters is IMPOSSIBLE to pull straight, but mine is fairly easy{with low humidity}. It looks awesome. I think you look more like you with curls, but the straight is beautiful, especially that CUT! Amazing.

And little J is such a chunk. And big J rock climbing? WOW!

It looks like you guys have been super busy having lots of fun. Glad you stopped in for a few minutes and updated!


Anonymous said...

I'm in this class, too -- been falling behind due to a crazy summer in the happening. Love your page and post!

Cheryl Wray said...

The wedding looked beautiful, and i love your hair in those pictures. So pretty!

Love that layout too!

Ronda P. said...

KIM I LOVE THE HAIR! I love how you are always so positive and grateful for the things in life. Isn't that class amazing. She really is an awesome teacher!

beth said...

you look so cute!

so glad you are having an awesome summer.

Renee said...

Luv luv LUVIN! that straight look on ya! looks absolutely fab!!! glad to hear your summer is going great!

Melissa said...

LOVE you with straight hair! :)Isn't it great to switch it up from time to time?

Looks like a great time you had over the past couple of weeks....and everybody is growing so fast!

Stacy said...

i love the straight hair!!!!! i did a chemical straighten 2 weeks ago and did a color on friday and high lights i will post a pic soon!!! boys look good!and sis in law looks awesome as well!!!

nicole said...

love that straight hair Kim!!
and how cute is Joel rock awesome that you have him being so adventurous early on!


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