Monday, September 08, 2008

Some Monday Gratitude ...

1. Summer ... a time full of fun and very little computer and crafting time. We've had so many adventures this summer ... 2 fabulous weddings, 2 adventurous camping trips, 3 birthday parties, 2 trips to the Calgary zoo, 1 trip to the Ellis bird farm -- a summer full of fun and happiness!
2. "Talking Doctors" ... today Joel and went to see the speech pathologist for the last time ... we'd been working on a stuttering issue that has no resolved! HAPPY DAY! She says Joel's speech is clear and good!
3. My kids ... I have been SO blessed with my sweet boys. I love them both so much!
4. "Stay"cations ... Matt and I opted not to go camping last week and got lots done working around home! I organized the baby room (all the old clothes are in the boxes and new clothes are in the drawers)! Matt got our fence and decks painted!
5. Our church ... The Family of Faith! Two weeks ago we dedicated Joshua to the Lord ... so thankful for their support and prayers and love!
6. Scrapbooking classes ... I signed up for a traditional scrapbooking class by Wilna Forstenberg. I'm so excited to learn some new techniques from this talented woman! (I still have to finish my Jessica Sprague class ... yikes!)


Cheryl Wray said...

I love your list!!! all sorts of great things here!!!!

Melissa said...

Lots of great things to be thankful for! Looking forward to seeing what you create in your scrapbook class..

Stacy said...

hey silly i am glad you decided to stay home and get the "stuff" done !!


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