Friday, October 10, 2008

#9 soccer man

We started Joel in soccer on tuesday. As Matt and my friend Krista say ... "coaching a bunch of 3 year olds playing soccer is like herding cats". I'm so glad we got a good coach! Joel loved it! He ran around and kicked his soccer ball, and didn't listen to a word the coach said (okay, most words ... he did manage to get him to kick the ball into the net at the appropriate time). We had a few chats with Joel about listening and doing what the coach says. We'll see how next week is!

Everyday, and many times through out the day Joel will announce to me what or who he is. It's so cute. Most days he says "I'm a cowboy" or I'm a chuck wagon driver" or "I'm a horsie" or I'm a working man" or "I'm a hockey man". This week he's been all those things but also "I'm number nine soccer man". And he says it like he means it.

So proud of him this week ... he went down the big slide at the swimming pool with me. It took some reassuring, but he did it! (Every other lesson we have had we sit in the wading pool while all the other kids and their parents go down.) He's growing up my little mister!


Cheryl Wray said...

That picture of him on the slide is SO cool!!!

Corey said...

What a cutie! You guys look like you're having so much fun!

The Hunter Family said...

Is he still going by the name "Honest Joel the Assassin" or has that changed?

Hazel said...

Oh Wow! Joel - what a star!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Awesome! I love that he tells you who he is...such a fun age!

Melissa said...

yea for going down the slides....that's a big deal!!!

camport said...

I don't even think I would've gone down that slide! Brave guy!!

Love all the pics. I remember when Simon used to announce what he was at the start of every day. I wish I could remember some of what he was back then. It goes by so quickly. :(


Ronda P. said...

how cute is he! HE is growing up so fast! Love that you are recording these "announcements" on the blog. Such a fun thing to look back and see!

nicole said...

how great that he is doing so well in all his activities!!!
can't wait to get to swimming with the kids too :)
and I have to say I'm cracking up over the comment about herding cats :)


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