Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I spy and some tuesday gratitude =)

A shadow. (I know you've seen this shadow before ... but it's my favorite!)

Some orange.

So thankful for:

1. My husband ... he took me on TWO dates this weekend. We went to a retirement party on Friday night and the hockey game on Saturday night! So awesome to spend some time with my man!
2. the Grandma's .. without you wonderful women we couldn't have gone out on our dates! WE LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! Thank you!
3. My boys! Josh got his top front teeth last night!
3. God's word! So thankful for God and His promises!


Melissa said...

Love your pictures :)
And two dates...you are one lucky girl!!!

Stacy said...

lucky girl!!! i wish i could have date need to put that out to hubby!! we have not had time or money to do it and i love those pictures!!!see you tomorrow!

camport said...

little J looks JUST LIKE YOU in that bottom pick and big J looks just like his dad! So cute!!

And yay for date night! I need one of those.


nicole said...

love the spy :)
and how nice that you got two dates last weekend! aren't grandparents the best!? I'm sure I would not survive without our parents around!
and the boys look so cute..how is josh already getting teeth?!

O said...

What a sweet shadow spy! And the spy for orange was cute too :) That's so nice that you got dates with your husband and had babysitters too.

beth said...

great photos!
happy halloween.


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