Monday, November 17, 2008

Amazing ...

it's November 17, and this is the first time I have downloaded pictures onto my computer since October 31 ... and what's even more amazing is that I have pared down my pictures to only 30 since that day. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by photos and projects lately ... I think I slowed down on the gathering of pictures and stories so that I could actually work on getting them recorded. Here are some pics I especially liked from the past few weeks:

Josh in his highchair ... eating cheerios (so glad that someone invented these!)

Joel on his new "big boy bed". I asked him "Do you want a picture with your big boy bed?" He replied: "Yes, my bed will smile." OH SO FUNNY this boy is!

Seriously LOVE this pic of my boys!

Sweet baby Jordan!

His big brother Noah

Auntie Allison =)

Josh ... showing off some of his skills ... He'll be crawling soon - for now he pushes himself around or rolls to get to things!


Anonymous said...

Your boys are amazing cute :) Love the sneek peeks into your life. <3 T

samport said...

I haven't been taking pics lately either! Got to remedy that!

Love all these shots, your boys are so precious!


Melissa said...

I have been diligent about uploading and deleting pictures...i wasn't with Tanner and we now have hundreds of pictures that are blurry or duplicate.

LOVE all your pictures!


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