Saturday, December 13, 2008

I spy...

My favorite ornament ... a picture taken last year (because our tree isn't up yet ... hopefully we'll do that tomorrow). I bought this ornament when I still lived in Rocky Mountain House and hadn't even met my husband yet! I love it because it's a smore snowman (so it reminds me of summer time and camping and fires ... while still being cute and festive!)

Some delicious salad my sister made us at thanksgiving ... yummy!

My gratitude journal ... I have so much to be thankful for!

Our open toy box!


beth said...

all of your photos are great.
happy spying.

Uncle Chris said...

We were trying to figure out which sister made that salad? Nice pictures, especially the boys in the box. I love honest Joel the assassin and his giraffe costume and Josh looks like he is just happy to be included. See you soon, Chris and Kara

Ronda P. said...

your photos are fantastic kim! Love the smore ornament! You always remind me of how thankful we should be in our lives. Love 2 u!

Melissa said...

I love those smore ornaments :) I have a couple too :)

Great pictures!

nicole said...

great spies kim!!!
love that ornament too...we have a couple of them also.
jeff actually got me holding a heart that says 'i burn 4 u'
i giggle every time i see it :)

O said...

Hi Kim :) love your spies! I especially like your gratitude journal and your take on 'open'. Those two look a little mischievious! ;)


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