Sunday, December 28, 2008

I spy ...

a tree! We FINALLY got our tree on the December 23. Matt has always insisted on getting a real tree every year ... and they are beautiful and smell so wonderful and are a fun tradition! Except that we usually get it very close to Christmas ... because Matt is so busy. So this year he came home with an artificial tree (so that I don't have to nag him next year =). Although it doesn't smell ... it is really really pretty with all the lights. Thanks Matt!

a gift. This is a picture of our Christmas morning. Santa Claus came (he ate his cookies, drank the milk and left gifts for our little boys.) Love their expressions in this photo ... Joel's yawn says it all! We were all a little tired from celebrating the night before with Grandma and Grandpa W, Auntie Adrienne and Auntie Allison & Uncle Glen. We actually had to wake the boys up ... but saying to Joel "Maybe Santa came" was all the incentive he needed to hop out of bed. It was a good morning ... that ended up at Grandma and Grandpa's for breakfast. We are celebrating Christmas with Matt's family next week ...

A big thank you to Grandma W today ... I SO appreciate you coming so I could have nap! (Josh and I were up most of the night!)


samport said...

that picture is priceless! Your boys are just adorable and I love all the faces Josh makes already. I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas.


nicole said...

love the pic of the boys too...we are fans of handy mandy and wonder pets here also :)

and the tree is gorgeous - you can buy evergreen inserts to give the fake ones the right smell too (jeff's mom uses them :)

beth said...

great photos!
happy spying.
happy new year!


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