Friday, March 27, 2009

Trip to the Museum.

This second picture absolutely cracks me up! I love it! This is the penguin slide that was part of the Polar Bears and Penguins exhibit at the Museum ... we went on Saturday with Auntie Rhonda, Auntie Kara, Noah and Jordan. The greatest thing about this picture is that it took about 20 minutes of Auntie Rhonda's coaching and encouraging to get Joel to go down the slide. He's such a great kid ... a watcher before he does anything. Noah was in there like a dirty shirt ... but he did see the exhibit a couple weeks before and had already tried the slide. We had so much fun ... wandering around looking at Alberta wildlife (deer and eagles etc) and dinosaur bones, and the other interesting exhibits - like the Mexican cowboys ... Joel thought that was awesome! The photo below shows them watching a cowboy documentary ... Joel really was totally into it. He's my little cowboy through and through. And yes Uncle Patrick, if you're reading this, he really does wear his cowboy hat everyday.

Edit: Thought I needed a picture of Josh and I too ... he stayed on my hip in the sling all afternoon with very few complaints ...


camport said...

Must be a birth order thing! Simon is always the cautious watcher, Felix jumps in to anything w/o a care. I like that line, "like a dirty shirt," too cute.

Looking at that stack of boys, all I can think is that SOMEBODY in your family needs a girl!


Melissa said...

What a great family day! I want to visit dinosaurs :)

The Hunter Family said...

How fun was that... my favorite thing is that when Noah recalls the day he calls it the budeum. It is cute that kids get their letters mixed up :)


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