Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Some good stuff ...

1. I saved $98 at the grocery store today ... and now my pantry, fridge and freezer are full. It is so so worth it to fight the crowds on the first tuesday of the month (even with my two boys, who were by the way, very very good and entertained the lady waiting behind me at the till).
2. I finished my quilt last night. I really like it. I think I'm going to do some more of this quilting thing. I'm already dreaming up my next project (we do need a new comforter for our master bedroom).

3. My nephew Jordan has been dedicated to the Lord ... so thankful for him and for my sister and brother in law and for God!

4. I'm going to a Bible study at my church ... we are studying Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages (specifically the one about marriage). It is so insightful and such a blessing (the time spent with the girls at church and also the book!)
5. Bedtime ... I love my routine with Joel -- especially reading him stories, praying and singing him to sleep. Josh is also going to bed right after Joel ... we are finally starting to have some time in the evening! Woo Hoo!

That's it for now.
Peace to you!


caro said...

ditto on the love languages!

LOVE the turquoise/brown mix on your quilt - super!

Anonymous said...

I found that book very helpful :)

Please pass congrats on to Cara - that is wonderful!!!

Love the updates on your life my freind.

Anonymous said...

OOps... I mean Kara. :(

The Hunter Family said...

Your quilt loves great!!! You know that we will all start expecting homemade gifts... you have a talent lady.

Thanks for celebrating Jordan with us.

Renee said...

Love the beautiful quilt Kim..it's very pretty!

MandMStudio said...

Lovely quilt:)

Louise said...

Your Sewing creativity has been Gorgeous Kim, tho I have to say Im most partial to the little monster toys :) :) :)

Just want to wish you and your family a Blessed Easter!

Lou xxx

Melissa said...

LOVE the quilt :)
I won't even suggest what colors Kara likes.... :)

nicole said...

love. love. love that quilt!
awesome job.


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