Friday, May 29, 2009

A whole lot of growing going on ...

This boy is growing so fast! Josh is 16 months old. He loves to follow his brother around and do whatever he is doing. (In fact, Grandma said he's a little shy when he's at the carehome with out Joel). Josh's main mode of transportation is pushing around this little table (he can go fast) - he still crawls but only to get to the next piece of furniture so he can walk! He's also standing on his own - you should see him, he looks around at us to make sure we're watching and grins like he's so proud of himself! He also has been getting teeth lately (we have one molar to go - the other three are through!)

Joel is growing too! He rides his two wheeler (with training wheels) up and down the sidewalk (thanks to our wonderful neighbours for the use of this bike ... Joel was too big for the tricycle). He also loves to be a hockey man (as you can see above ... Joel all decked out in his goalie outfit ... glad that three year olds can use their imagination here!) Also, he has a best friend. Ethan is our next door neighbour and pretty much every day they are either here playing or there playing. It's so good to see him interacting with other kids!

Yesterday was our last swimming lesson! Josh and I were in a parented class and Joel was in a big boy class with a teacher. I'm so proud of him! He listened well and followed her instructions. Gotta enroll him again this summer and keep him enjoying the water. Josh has "warmed up" to being in the water - the first few classes he hung on to me for dear life but by our last class he started to enjoy jumping into my arms from the side and doing a back float in his life jacket with very little assistance from me. I'm a proud Mama.

I'm growing too! I have started noticing that my jeans aren't fittting properly. So yesterday we went to the mall and I tried on almost all the clothes in Thyme Maternity. I came away with a nice collection of jeans and capris and even a skirt. Today is day one of maternity pants for me ... awwwww.... it feels so much nicer to be in pants that fit!

Anyway ... peace to you today!


camport said...

Yay for maternity clothes! I loved growing into them, but I've very much enjoyed growing OUT of them, too.


nicole said...

yeah..also remember that first time putting on maternity clothes - and how the world seemed so much nicer :)

glad to hear the swimming went so well - we are in swimming now too - all the kids with teachers this time which is so nice.

Stacy said...

woohoo yep time again i hope your feeling good cant wait to see you in those maternity clothes and boy oh boy those boys are getting big

Jude said...

Ok, Josh is really looking like his mama! And I am glad I am not the only one who lets her kids cover themselves with dirt!! LOL. Joel..on a bike!?!?! He is getting so big! AND hello??? You look wonderful, and I do not believe for a minute that skinny thing in the pictures has jeans that are too tight! You look amazing! :):)


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