Friday, July 03, 2009

Moment Captured

Goodies: Shabby Pickle Designs: Kasia Designs - Autumn's Kiss Mini pp4; Designer Digitals: K Pertiet: Curled Notebook paper, staple; Anna Aspnes: Stitched by Anna brown; Lynn Grieveson: Worn Page edges; Oscraps: Paislee Press: Photogenic kit word art, Labelled Frame

Journalling: I had this ultrasound when I was nine and a half weeks pregnant with you. Today is July 3 and I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. What an amazing thing to be able to see you in my belly - your tiny nose, your tiny fingers and toes. For the past 3 weeks your Daddy and I have been wondering if there are two of you growing inside of me. Dr. Myburgh wants me to have another ultrasound next week to check (he found that my uterus is bigger than it is supposed to be). I certainly have been feeling bigger than I ever was with your brothers, and I’m quite a bit more nauseated and tired too (both signs that there may be two of you). But, whatever the ultrasound results are next week ... know that I am excited to meet you, and that I already love you. Your Mama


Jude said...

LOVE the Lo Kim!!!!!! ANd hello, I can't wait to hear if they find one more hiding in there!! LOL!!!!

nicole said...

jude totally took my comment :)

love the layout too - that pp is very cute...might have to use it on something digitial I do at some point!

and of course keep us posted on the ultrasound :)

camport said...

oh wow! How cool would that be?!? Can't wait to hear!


righthere.rightnow. said...

2 for 1 :) I'm excited for you guys either way... God's peace to you & Matt this week while the number is still unknown!

Stacy said...

TWO!!??? that would be cool i hope your feeling better this week? when you working next? we should have a playdate? i need one been working alot

Heather said...

Um, twins? How thrilling!

Did you know that this LO made gallery standouts?

Love your work. Wish you were closer so I could do maternity photos for you!

Melissa said...

waiting to hear if there are two....
I hope all is well!!


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