Friday, September 18, 2009

Picture day

I'll be 24 weeks pregnant tomorrow (or as my blog says, I'm 60% pregnant - time is flying) This afternoon, I had my fourth ultrasound of this pregnancy. My Dr. wants me to have them regularly to watch the growth of the is baby. Today I had the ultrasound at a different imaging center than I usually do ... it was REALLY nice. The Dr. (not mine) who owns the clinic came and said hello and took a look at the ultrasound at the start of the test, and I was able to watch the entire ultrasound as the tech performed it on my own tv screen. She was really pleasant and talked to me about the ultrasound and what she was looking at. The only thing unusual is that I have a "generous amount of amniotic fluid" ... which she said was fine. My only complaint is that I had to pee VERY badly ... but that is standard! I've actually been feeling really good in the last few weeks ... I listen to my body and go to bed early and do what I can and not what I can't (I did get in hot water from Matt for grocery shopping this week ... so I'm not going to do that again - and he's right - it is too much for me pushing that cart around and carting grocerys to and fro. So thankful to my Mother in law for buying me some groceries yesterday!)

This evening we had an impromptu photo shoot in the back yard. The one of Matt and I was taken by Joel (and cropped by me).


Corey said...

is it just me or is that baby smiling at you in the sonogram pic?! Glad to hear you are feeling better! keep up the good resting work.:)
Love the pictures too!

Melissa said...

We'll talk soon....THURSDAY!! :)

The Hunter Family said...

Joel has got talent... in the picture department. I missed him today :)

Love Kara


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