Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday faves

Joel is learning his letters at school ... last week was L and this week was W. I found this great site for teaching kids their letters and this morning Joel and I tried it ... it was a hit. Tonight he was finding w's and o's in the story we were reading. He's such a smart kid and is excited about learning!

Josh is fitting in these cute little shoes ... it brings back memories of Joel wearing them. I do so love being able to hand down clothes and the memories they stir up =)

Joel is quite enjoying playing with my camera (under supervision at all times ... and he takes some good pictures too!)

Here are yesterday's scrapbook pages. I still have to finish my Week in the Life Project from last year ... I totally overthought it and then it just never got finished. The inspiration for the design and colors I chose are from Beth's Me Abridged mini book. So happy I already have these pages completed and printed. Simple often is the best choice!


camport said...

Wow! Already a page done? I love the simplicity of it. Maybe I'll follow your lead this year!


Corey said...

I love it Kim!! Simple is the way to go with this project. It's the only reason I got mine done last year. This looks great!

Jude said...

oh my word...you are already doing your pages!! You are the woman!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the pics, and I am with you, I tried to be all over crafty Ali-ish with mine last year,and here it sits, undone!! LOL :) here is hoping to finish it this time!!

Stacy said...

i have a phonetic book i should pass to you about teaching them the sounds and words its really good it helped my kids tons they read way above grade level and very much enjoy reading and love your week in the life pages so cool

Brown English Muffin said...

If stacey passes on that book can you let me know the name of it...pretty please!!! LOL

nicole said...

i love how you put this together kim! great job!!


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