Sunday, October 04, 2009

A fun weekend ... in Banff

My sisters and I went to Banff this weekend (with my nephew). We had a wonderful relaxing time. My favorite moments were taking the gondola up the mountain (it was EXTREMELY cold though and had snowed that morning). The mountains were beautiful (even though you couldn't see much of them because of the clouds). We also went to my favorite breakfast spot this morning ... Phils. Delicious yumminess and laughter and more chatting! Love you guys! Thanks for a great getaway!


camport said...

Yikes! Snow already? How cool to be able to hang out with all of your sisters. I am so jealous.


Renee said...

Phils eggs benny is the best...anywhere....well except maybe Sears Diner in San Francisco...but pretty close! I love Banff one of my fave places to be...glad u had a good time!

Jude said...

holy crapola... snow?!!?!?!
Sounds like a fun weekend though! :)


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