Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Skating lessons

Yesterday was Joel's first ever skating lessons. He did wear bob skates last winter a couple of times (bob skates have two blades and strap onto boots) but this is the real deal - with a teacher, at an arena, with real skates and a "goalie" helmet. It felt so so familiar to me ... when I was little I took skating lessons too (I went the figure skating route and quit when I was 13 because it was just too cold for me.) Joel's first lesson was how to get up when you fall ... he was so cute and he caught on really quick. By the end of the class he was taking "baby steps" as he called them. I'm sure in the next few weeks he is going to take off! It was fun to be there watching with Daddy and Josh and our Grandmas as well as a friend who's son is taking lessons at the same time.

Today I finished the back of Joel's quilt. I am now ready to put together the quilt sandwich. This is the fun stage ... (okay, it's all fun).


camport said...

There is nothing cuter than a little boy on ice. Well, hockey gear kicks it up a notch. That's awesome that he's even brave enough to attempt ice skating, good for him! Love the quilt, too. I was at the fabric store yesterday just browsing. I may jump in to the quilting game soon.


The Hunter Family said...

Go Joel Go! The first lesson is the worst and then it gets better (at least that is how it went for me). How cute are you, I mean how tough-hockey-man are you.
Luv Auntie Kara

Corey said...

He looks like a little hockey player! So cute.

Jude said...

so cute... i am guessing all little cananada boys must learn to skate eh? LOL


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