Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crossing another off my list ...

I have finished the baby girl quilt ... this week I'll work on the baby boy quilt (which is going to be the same design so I don't have to agonize over that - just not pink =). I ended up using a freemotion swirl pattern ... so much easier I find than stippling. I also took the feed dogs right out of my sewing machine and then my freemotion foot actually worked (still have to work out the kinks with tension and then with putting the dogs back in so they don't click -- thanks to Matt for fixing that!)

Last night Josh was up off and on from 2 until 7:30 -- which is when I finally gave up on sleeping and just got up with him. I think if Joel hadn't woken up from all the crying we could have had him back to sleep ... but alas . Needless to say, I wasn't able to go to church and I had a BIG nap this afternoon. I really really want my boys to be sleeping so that I get a few nights of sleep in before the baby arrives.


Corey said...

gorgeous quilt Kim! I love the freestyle swirls. Hope you get some good rest these next few're going to need it! :)

camport said...

Now that I know all that that involves, I'm even MORE impressed! What kind of sewing machine do you have? I'm pretty sure I'm killing mine slowly by making it do things it's not supposed to do. I don't have a walking foot and I'm kinda just forcing it to quilt{only straight lines, though, and the batting is thin}.

I think it's so fabulous that you wait to be surprised. Can't wait to find out if you need the pink or blue blanket!

And sleep! Psh. I've given up on sleep. Someday our sleep will come.

Stacy said...

oh so pretty i neede one but i may just fix the satin one i have and make shan one and the boys one to have not decided yet

nicole said...

wow kim....gorgeous work!!
I'm also wondering about your machine - I've always just done straight stitches - but very interested in the freemotion!

hoping you do get some sleep too - it was funny here when william was born - jack and lauren were up every single night until the day i brought will home - not kidding - then he was up and they slept the entire night through :)

mare said...

Hey Kim,
Awesome job with the pink. Love the free motion swirl. Love you!

Lydia said...

so pretty


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