Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new occupation

1. Cowboy
2. Outrider
3. Chuckwagon driver
4. Football player (Joel says "I'm Donald Driver" - we're big Packers fans here - and loves to line up and tackle his brother).
5. Hockey goalie - either for the Edmonton Oilers or the Red Deer Rebels.
6. Chef
and the latest occupation of my four year old:
7. Fireman

Matt went to talk to Joel and his playschool class on Monday about fire safety - he wore his fire gear and handed out hats and books, pencils and stickers. Joel came home so very excited! Ever since we have had a fireman saving the day at our house (well I guess 2 firemen if we include Matt). Joel picks only fireman books to read, and points out the smoke alarms on the roof, and tells me "I'm a fireman ... I know everything about fires because I'm a real fireman). This morning a sleepyeyed boy wearing a firehat was my first sight of him.


camport said...

How awesome to have a real life super hero for a Dad. I love the love little boys have for their dads.


OH! I found a manual online for my sewing machine. It does a lot more than I thought it did! It even has a lever to turn off the feed dogs! It's all oiled up and ready to go on my next project. :D

RachellaBella said...

hmmm-mn... firemen... I have also have two little firefighters. Doncha just LOVE their imaginations!

Jude said...

aw, that is so cute about the waking up in the hat!!!


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