Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Turn Baby Turn

I had another ultrasound on Monday ... I'm 30 weeks along and the baby is growing well and everything is good. The only thing is that this baby is STILL breech. But, I believe that he or she will turn and be head down soon. Josh was transverse and he turned ... and so will this baby. (And just in case you were wondering ... having a monthly ultrasound is not a normal thing in Canada - my Dr. is having them done to watch me closely because Josh was 8 weeks premature.)


nicole said...

oh still plenty of time to turn around :) william was transverse until right at the end too.

and although the circumstances are normal to have all those ultrasounds I know it is nice to get those extra peaks...with j&l we obviously got extras too :)

Hazel said...

Hi Kimberly, it's been a while since I visited here (lots been going on here with John being very ill) - praying that baby will soon turn and that you will have a full term, trouble-free, delivery. Lovely to scroll down and see your photos - wow! how Joshua has come on - wonderful! Love and prayers x

Melissa said...

maybe stading on your head will help?? :)

hope all is going well!! Baby looks good!!

Ronda P. said...

hello sweet baby. happy things are going smoothly. in my constant prayers.


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