Saturday, November 07, 2009

Working on stuff ...

I got my December CK magazine and was inspired by Kayleigh's layout ... this is my lift. I haven't scrapbooked in ages and so tonight while I should have been sleeping I was scrapping ... so theraputic though.

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. Planning on incubating this one for 9 more weeks (even though I feel ENORMOUS!) Thanks to Allison and Glen for the new sweater (I finally used my birthday gift certificate!)

This morning I washed all my fabric (I pink the edges first so that they don't fray) and went shopping with my MIL to the fabric store ... I had such a lovely time. I love you R!

So as you see, I need to work on some stuff before this baby is born (I need all nine weeks)!
Peace to you!


Stacy said...

quilt looks good i may have to get you to show me how to do that! and if you need to have a "break nap what ever" just call i can come and watch the boys!

Melissa said...

you look amazing my dear friend!

Brown English Muffin said...

you are a beautiful pregnant lady!!!

Jude said...

that is your enourmous? KIM!!!! You look so cute and wonderful, and beautiful! Incubate away! ;)


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