Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 36 and a Christmas Concert

On Saturday I started week 36 of my pregnancy! What a blessing to be 4 weeks more pregnant with this babe than I was with Joshua. Some pregnancy observations:
a) my longest t-shirts are no longer fitting all the way past my belly (which is fine when I'm inside, but quite chilly in the weather we've been having because the wind whips up under my winter jacket and makes the bottom of my huge abdomen quite cold!)
b) I have NEVER been this big ... no really, even my family has been commenting on how HUGE I am!
c) We had a false alarm last week (at 35 weeks) ... lots of pressure and some contractions but by the time I got to the hospital they had all but subsided. The Dr. thought babe was still head down and everything looked great!
d) I saw my Dr. last week too ... he said that we are past the time that is critical and that whenever this baby decides to come will be just fine. I walked out of the office like I was on a cloud - so very happy!
e) I'm pretty tired these days ... and not even doing anything, except chasing Joel and Josh around.
f) I'm really enjoying the end of this pregnancy ... loving the feeling of this little life inside me moving and kicking! Amazing that in less than 4 weeks he or she will be here!
g) today was the first day I actually started getting excited about the baby being here (don't get me wrong I've been excited all along ... I just mean that it will be nice to have my body back and to be holding the baby in my arms instead of lugging it around in my abdomen!)

Monday was Joel's last day of play school before the Christmas holidays! We were invited to a wonderful Christmas concert from the kids! So glad that Grandma and Grandpa W and Grandma V could join our family! The children sang us some beautiful Christmas songs and then we enjoyed treats and making crafts.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! You are looking great and I am so happy that you are into the safe zone for the baby to arrive :)
<3 T

Heather said...

You look adorable IMO! What a blessing to see your family expand.

Have you heard of a Belly Band? Here's a tutorial for you to whip some up for yourself so you won't have to freeze your tummy going anywhere!

nicole said...

so happy that this pregnancy is going so well for you kim! and even though i'm not the one lugging the belly around i'm also excited to meet this baby :)

aren't kids cmas programs the best...glad you had a good one too!

Sande said...

Beautiful belly. Be still my hormones.

Rachelle said...

Kim, you look amazing! So impressed am I! rest up, the crazy schedule is nearly upon you -- I think of you often and wonder what's up when your blog is quiet... :) (Thank you Heather for the Belly Band tutorial link -- I so need one!)

mare said...

You are beautiful and I'm excited to hold that baby and
love him/her forever. I already do.

Melissa said...

You look great! It was so WONDERFUL to talk to you the other day....I still wish the miles weren't so large between us and we could meet for a coffee instead.

Looking forward to meeting you little one!!

BTW, I did my 13 miles for the first time was a good trial run...

Lynn said...

so glad everything is going so well for you this time around! wishing you a merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family in the new year!



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