Sunday, January 03, 2010


brand new
this morning (8 days old)

Amazing to me how fast this first week of our precious baby's life has gone! It's fairly hazy for me because of sleep deprivation and exhaustion ... thank goodness for pictures! Olivia is doing very well ... eating, sleeping (like a baby of course - the longest stretch I had was 4 glorious hours), being cute,filling her diapers, and gaining weight. God is so good to us ... I am cherishing it all and so very very thankful to have had a really quick and easy delivery and that she was able to come home with us!


Corey said...

Happy new year Kim!
Olivia is just beautiful. I can already see a little bit of both Josh and Joel in her. But she definitely is feminine. :) I hope you start to get more rest soon!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful is your little Olivia! You are a blessed lady indeed.
Love you all!

camport said...

Look at those cheekies! She is just so perfect.


Heather said...

I'm so utterly happy to hear that you'd had an easy birth! I'm considering a water birth at the local birthing center, but am starting to nervous! My second doctor's appointment is tomorrow - can't wait to hear the tiny heartbeat.

nicole said...

She is so, so beautiful Kim...congrats again!!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

WOW she is beautiful and she really looks like a little Olivia!!!


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